Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gears of War Contest, Part 2

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  1. Tu,

    This one came out really nice. That competition is a great motivator, nicely done. I like that little locket on the dudes hand, and adding the texture in the bricks brought some nice patterning and detail that helps make it more believable of an image. I think there are a few too many 100% saturated reds on the FG character, his blood, the metal locket, etc. It is a focal area already being so close, and the locket brings alot of attention, maybe some of that chain would have cought the grey reflect light from the rest of the hand instead of so much red. Just a thought.
    The far background really works well, there is this noise in the distance that looks very real and sets that depth up with realistic detail, without being too specific and looking overworked, and really makes the central figure clear and crisp. Excellent piece.