Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Figure studies from the Massive Black Workshop

Hey guys, long time no post. Not even sure if anyone follows anymore, but I attended the Massive Black 2011 Workshop this past weekend and was just exposed to so much great artwork. It helped me realize the current state that I am in and the amount of improvement that still needed to be made. Talked to Jason Chan, Wesley Burt, Kekai Kotaki, Jana Schirmer from SixMoreVodka, and a few other artists that attended the show. They've chewed up my work pretty well, which was great.

Definitely need to go beyond the mediocrity that I've been producing lately. Here are a few figure drawings that I did during the event:

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  1. Mediocrity Shmediocrity buddy, you inspire me and the rest of the team. Keep at it!